wise words

to be a doll…

It is an anxious, sometimes a dangerous thing to be a doll. Dolls cannot choose; they can only be chosen; they cannot ‘do’; they can only be done by; children who do not understand this often do wrong things, and then the dolls are hurt and abused and lost; and when this happens dolls cannot speak, nor do anything except be hurt and abused and lost. If you have any dolls, you should remember that.

— Rumer Godden, The Doll’s House

monthly retrospectives

the month of: January!


It’s February 1st, so let’s take a look back at the previous month, dollwise~


never in a thousand years…

My darling January Vyvyanne arrived! She was an unboxed, original run (2005) Fanatica, and I got her for less than US $100, a stroke of blinding luck that still shocks me to this day. I was worried before she arrived that I wouldn’t truly bond with her, but by the time I was doing her first photoshoot, I was so charmed by her adorable, genki personality! I can’t imagine reselling her, now.


“One problem solved!”

Pullip Batgirl, who I bought pre-loved, unboxed, and with vague customisation ideas about, arrived the next day. I don’t have any photos of her pre-customisation, but her default wig turned out to be exactly what I’d been looking for for Eva!


I approached customisation of then-Batgirl with a sort of ‘go-with-the-flow’ feeling, and by the 7th I had finished her partial re-faceup. Those freckles were a heck of a learning curve! I tried a few methods, but I think these results ended up looking the most natural.


“Tha mi toilichte ur coinneachadh!”

Aaand…finished! Iona Fae MacBeth finally existed in the world on this date! (Yes, that is indeed MacBeth tartan she’s wearing~) I had an almost-complete Craziia stock outfit that was just lying around doing nothing, a very pretty ginger wig (ex-Mitzi, I do think), and a cutely freckled face…she came together almost like a dream. I’ve wanted a Craziia for a long time, but now I have something better: my lovely Iona, who is one of a kind in all the world. ❤


a lovely and strange wildflower

September arrived! She’s a Bouquet and is the oldest of all the Pullips I own so far (released in September ’03! Hence her name…this unnie is just so original 😂) , and I fell in love with her gentle face and sweet eyes almost as soon as I took her out of her box. I suppose it helped that on the day she arrived, I was feeling horribly ill, so I spent some time lying in bed just patting her soft, soft hair to feel better! How to “bond” with your dolls in strange ways 101! 😂

She was unboxed and pre-loved, and her hair was matted (not the seller’s fault! Simply from age and being made curly, as tends to happen even when dolls are stored in boxes), but a slightly evil looking hair-spa that used fabric softener and a surprising amount of elbow grease from yours truly got that sorted out, and she now has her intended fluffy waves. I intend to give her some blonde eyebrows at some point when the weather is sane enough for me to start doing faceups again. She’s adorable, but she really does need them, I think!

January and September!
“Honestly, Temmie, our unnie is just so ridiculous…”

(It wasn’t until literally yesterday that I realised I have two Pullips named after English months…both received during the same month, no less. You all have permission to smack me if any new girls end up named April, May, June, July, or even Augusta! 🤣)


I got two 1/3 wigs for an absolute steal on eBay, one ash-pink with wide spiral curls, and  the other a wavy light cinnamon. Both of them were bought without intention to be used on any certain doll, but when I tried them on my two models, Iona and Raianne (Panda), respectively…they just worked! I was especially happy about the ash pink for Raianne, who I’ve been considering looking for a stock Panda wig for, as nothing seemed to quite suit her (except for my Namu Fai, Jin Li’s wig…or, at least, I liked the way feathered bangs looked beneath her panda hat).

Thus concludes the ☆人形姫☆ Doll Princess January retrospective! One other thing doll-related occurred (or that can become doll-related in the future) that I think is important to note down, though, before I go: I learned how to operate a sewing machine! I hope to eventually be able to make clothes for my girls, and the ultimate goal is to be able to make and sell entire outfits. But we’ll see what happens!

Stay kawaii, lovelies!
Rin & the Girls